Great Barrier Reef

Andrew Chin, Peter Kyne, William White and Suzanne Hillcoat (2015)
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Checklist of Great Barrier Reef sharks and rays
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Chin, A, Kyne, PM, White, WT, and Hillcoat, S, 2016. Checklist of the Chondrichthyan fishes (sharks, rays and chimaeras) of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, Shark Search Indo-Pacific,, viewed on [insert date viewed]
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Note: This document requires updating

135 species of sharks, rays, skates and chimaeras

Current number of shark species: 82

Current number of ray species: 39

Current number of skate species: 10

Current number of chimaera species: 4

The checklist of Chondrichthyan fishes of the Great Barrier Reef provides an up-to-date account of the diversity of sharks, rays and chimaeras in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area (GBRWHA). This checklist has been compiled using literature searches, fisheries catch data and scientific data - both historical and contemporary - to compile a full species list, including conservation status from the current IUCN Red List. The GBRWHA includes all habitats from the estuarine and coastal zone, across the continental shelf to the continental slope to a depth of 200 m, along the coast of the Great Barrier Reef. Exact boundary coordinates for the GBRWHA are available from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. This checklist is a WORKING DOCUMENT that will periodically be updated as our understanding of taxonomy and distribution improve, and as conservation listings (e.g. IUCN assessments) are updated over time. Much of this work is based on Last and Stevens (2009) which remains a key reference for shark and ray scientists 

Great Barrier Reef shark and ray photos

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