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Checklist in progress in 2017

Fiji  - Country Statistics

  • Land area*: 18,274 squared km

  • Population* (2017): 920,938

  • Population Growth* (2017): 0.6%

  • Visitors* (2016): 792,300

  • Marine area (EEZ): 1,290,000 km2

  • Population density** (2016):  49 persons/squared km land area

  • Urban population* (2017): 54.5%

  • GDP** (2016): USD $ 4.632 billion

* CIA World Factbook

** World Bank

Research student: Ms Yanni Smith (James Cook University)
In-country partners: Thomas Vignaud (The Barefoot Collection); Kerstin Glaus (University of the South Pacific); Ciro Rico (University of the South Pacific); Ian Campbell (WWF Fiji); Sangeeta Mangubhai (Wildlife Conservation Society Fiji); Mike Neumann (Beqa Adventure Divers); Gauthier Mescam (Projects Abroad Fiji)
Checklist of Fiji sharks and rays

Current number of shark species

Current number of ray species

Current number of chimaera species

Fiji shark and ray photos


Ocellated eagle ray (Aetobatus ocellatus), 01 April 2017, 
Location: Shark R
eef Marine Reserve

Photo by Mike Neumann

B   C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R        


Blue spotted lagoon ray (Taeniura lessoni), Kuata Island, Yasawas, 01 Nov 2016

Location -17.367588 S; 177.154344 E

Photo by Rachel Young

Note: the taxonomy of this species is unclear and we are seeking more photographs of this species from eastern Australia and wider Melanesia



Zebra shark (Stegastoma fasciatum),  

11 June 2017 

Location: not specified 

Photo by Gauthier Mescam, Fiji Shark Conservation program

Specimen obtained from local fisherman


Pocrupine ray (Uryogymnus asperrimus), Beqa Lagoon, 01 Nov 2016, 

Location [unspecified]

Photo by Thomas Vignaud

Thomas Vignaud is a Shark Search Indo-Pacific Photographic Partner. For more of his work, please visit 

Follow him on Instagram @thomasvignaudphotography  

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