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Shark Search Indo-Pacific is committed to making sure that knowledge is shared and freely available. Shark Search research findings and data will be published in scientific journals to ensure that they become part of the permanent scientific record. However, Shark Search information and publications will also be made Open Access wherever possible to ensure that people can access these papers and datasets.

Scientific publications


Chin, A., Rigby, C., Short, A., and White, W.T. Verified records of Kuhl’s devil ray (Mobula kuhlii) in the Solomon Islands from citizen scientists. Pacific Conservation Biology.


Hylton S, White WT, Chin A (2017) The sharks and rays of the Solomon Islands: a synthesis of their biological diversity, values and conservation status. Pacific Conservation Biology 23(4):324-334 doi: 

OPEN ACCESS - Click here to access the Solomon Islands paper and checklist

Project information

Shark Search Indo-Pacific relies on effective collaborations and networks with In-country Partners from across the Indo-Pacific. To help potential collaborators and contributors understand what SharkSearch is and how it works, a series of fact sheets and news letter articles have been prepared and can be downloaded here.  

Click here to go to the SPC website to view the entire newsletter

SharkSearch Indo-Pacific article in SPC Fisheries Newsletter #151, Dec 2016

SSIP Fact Sheet 1: project overview Nov 2018

SSIP Fact Sheet 2: Our approach and values July 2017

SSIP Fact sheet 3: Information for
in-country partners July 2017

  If you are looking for country checklists and overviews, click here

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